What is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced as ‘ray key’ (rei”=universal/spiritual; “ki”=life force energy) is an eastern method of natural healing that supports the body’s inherent ability to balance and renew. It is a safe non-invasive energy practice that brings relaxation and healing to our body, mind and spirit.  It is a practice that can be used daily to promote good health and wellbeing, as well as a treatment that compliments traditional healthcare.  It is the sacred balance of body, mind and spirit.

Reiki is used to create peace and wellness in our life.  It is used to rest our mind, relax our body and renew our spirit. When you are relaxed and rested, the days’ frustrations and chaos will seem less daunting as well as less demanding physically, emotionally and intellectually.  Reiki is a natural way to achieve that relaxation and peace.

Here are some of the benefits to having Reiki be part of your healthcare routine.

Reduced, stress and anxiety, decrease in chronic pain and depression. improved sleep and relaxation. In addition to, heightening self-awareness and intuition.

For cancer patients: reduced negative side effects from radiation, chemotherapy and prescribed medicines, improve sleep, enhanced well-being and calmness.

During a Reiki session a client remains fully clothed while comfortably reclining on a massage table or gently seated in a  chair. A Reiki treatment proceeds with the practitioner placing their hands on or slightly above the body generally covering the head, the front and back torso, knees and feet.  A treatment can last from 30 to 60 minutes. Most recipients feel warmth or tingling in the area being treated.  The most noticeable immediate effect of the treatment is a state of deep relaxation combined with a general feeling of well-being.

A Reiki session can also be given as a Distance Healing Session. The client schedules an appointment time and calls the practitioner to begin the session. A distance healing session is for 30 to 60 minutes with ten minutes being used as talk time and 20 to 50 for healing time.

Reiki is a gentle natural healing therapy that is used worldwide to promote balance for the body, mind and spirit.