Welcome the Silence

Can you hear your heart beat or the whisper of your breath? Do you welcome silence and all the awareness it brings? Can you embrace the silence and sit in stillness as the mystery of life is revealed? If not, would you like to? Come experience the peacefulness of a therapeutic massage or reiki session.

Today‚Äôs fast paced life does not allow easy access to peacefulness and serenity. Finding a quiet moment is a challenge and in itself becomes another task to be added to the ever growing list of things we should be doing. Yet silence is the doorway to mindful moments where you can seek balance, tranquility and bliss. Silence is a place where you can connect to the inner stillness, a sacred place where you can renew your spirit, rejuvenate your body and uncover your true self. By welcoming silence into our life we develop a very important practice that allows us to sustain health and wellness.

Taking the time to enjoy a quiet massage or peaceful reiki session is the perfect treat to alleviate the stress and tension of a busy life. Take the time you need, schedule a session, relax into the silence, give yourself a break from the constant chatter and activity that surrounds you as you relax, release and renew, body, mind and spirit!