Hello Clients,
We have some important news for you regarding your appointments with us at Perfect Balance Healing Arts Studio.
In light of the unfolding news of COVID 19 Pandemic (learning from the experiences of Italy, Europe and China) we have reviewed the recommended measures to mitigate the spread of the virus and its impact on whole communities and our health care systems. Therefore, We have decided to pause our in-office practice for the next 2 weeks.

We will provide Pilates and some of our healing modalities with an on-line forum while our doors are temporarily closed.

We shall continue to support you through the ZOOM Platform HURRAY!

Each of your caregivers and teachers Susan, Amy, Megan and myself will reach out to you to discuss your care and facilitate the sessions that are best for you.

If you haven’t been attending recently and would like to reconnect please call Susan Liebowitz or Suzan Lupejkis and we will get you plugged into our awesome community!

Susan Liebowitz will be offering Guided Self Care using Jin Shin Jyutsu as well as Restorative Movement & Awareness for more information contact Susan directly at 925-864-4219.

For our Massage and Bodywork clients, Suzan Lupejkis will be available on-line for Reiki Healing, guided relaxation and self care sessions. She will also be leading Wednesday Wellness Series on-line to help us integrate and maintain wellness in our daily life.
Schedule today, so you don’t miss out on this amazing wellness journey from the comfort of your own home. (1 hour class held every Wednesday for 4 weeks). cost $80 for the month.

Contact Suzan at 925-771-0572

We will continue to stay abreast of the recommendations of the healthcare authorities so we can provide the safest and best care for you. It is our hope that our community comes together to reduce the spread of the virus as we maintain healthy practices.

In the meantime, Continue to give yourself some love, kindness and compassion. Eat Healthy, stay hydrated, take deep relaxing breaths. Make sure you support your immune system and get rest. We encourage you to do something nice for yourself, take an epsom salt bath to relax your body, re-balance your mind and renew your spirit, read something refreshing and light, do some gardening, bird watching or journaling. Make some art and crafts, cook, bake, sing, dance, find joy in the simple moments of being, or give some extra scritches to your pets (they will love the attention). Enjoy this time the best you can because this will eventually pass. Remember we are here to support you. We truly look forward to seeing you on Zoom!

Wishing you good health and wellness,

Your Perfect Balance Arts Team
Suzan Lupejkis, CMT & Reiki Master